Sacramental Preparation

Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me; and whoever receives me receives not me but the One who sent me. Mark 9: 37

The Sacramental Preparation Program is considered free-standing,that is, no grade level is attached to a sacrament. Preparation will begin if a candidate expresses desire, exhibits readiness, possesses sufficient age appropriate knowledge of the faith, as well as parental and pastoral agreement.

Preparation for and completion of the sacraments will lead to greater participation in an already active prayer and worship life within the parish community.


Please click the Policy for Baptism of Children for more information.

Reconciliation & Eucharist

picture2Children will explore in depth the meaning of community through the celebration of Reconciliation and Eucharist. The Reconciliation portion is held during the months of November/December and consists of four 2-hour classes, and two parent/child home lessons. The Eucharist portion runs from January through early May beginning with an Enrollment Mass and consists of seven 2-hour classes that follow the 8:30 Mass on Sunday. The children participate in a ½ day retreat prior to receiving Eucharist, the Holy Thursday liturgy, as well as a presentation Mass and reception the week following the First Eucharist celebration.

Parents are required to attend scheduled meetings during this preparation time.

Readiness Guidelines

Our children are all different. Their growth in each of these areas sometimes unfolds slowly. We invite them to grow and develop these abilities. This preparation program asks us to remember that the ability to recognize our faults and commend them to God’s love and mercy is situated in a firm belief of our own goodness. As family, we provide the environment for this recognition.

Your child should have an ability to:

  • Distinguish right from wrong.
  • Recognize the need for forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Express sorrow.
  • Describe wrongdoings in their own words.
  • Recognize the effect of their actions upon others.
  • Take responsibility for these actions and their consequences.
  • Trust in Jesus’ forgiving love.

What does the Church require for your child to receive First Eucharist? The Church asks only what your child is able to give; that is, a child’s faith and a child’s desire.

Your child should:

      • Know who Jesus is, some main events in His life, and the story of His death and resurrection.
      • Be taken regularly to Mass, and as the liturgy progresses, should be told what is going on and given the opportunity to ask questions.
      • Experience prayer as a regular part of family life.
      • Be able to tell the difference between Eucharistic bread and ordinary bread.
      • Desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.


picture3Candidates are asked to strengthen their personal and communal faith by affirming the commitment made for them by their parents at Baptism. The program’s aim is to guide and assist the candidates as they work towards sealing their faith with the gifts of the Holy Spirit at the celebration of the sacrament. The preparation process consists of Rite of Enrollment Mass, preparation gatherings, the celebration of the sacrament, and a Presentation Mass and reception the week following the celebration.

Parents and sponsors are required to attend meetings as they help the candidates fulfill the requirements of their formation.

Readiness Criteria

Candidates must have a/an:

          • Desire to be mature witnesses to the faith and disciples of Jesus.
          • Desire to celebrate the sacrament.
          • Ability to accept responsibility for baptismal promises.
          • Sense of community as expressed through regular celebration of the Eucharist and its call to compassionate outreach to others.
          • General background and basic knowledge of the Catholic faith acquired through systematic learning classes, which are currently offered through grade 10.
          • Willingness to participate fully in the program of immediate catechesis (preparation).