Religious Education Board

The Religious Education Board members serve as advisers to the coordinator as well as advocates for our parish program. Their major tasks are to assist pastoral leadership in setting goals and objectives and planning and evaluating programs. The board members meet on the third Tuesday of each month.

We hope to expand the board membership and invite any parishioner to join. There are no special qualifications required except a love of God and a desire to help shape the spiritual growth of our entire faith community.

The current members are:
Pamela Ashmankas
Michelle Durocher
Ann Marie Jackson
Eileen Silva
Joan Sundstrom
Claire Swenson
Gwen White

Our Goals are to:

  • Make Jesus Christ come alive in the hearts and minds of our people and to teach His message of love and salvation.
  • Assist parents in their role as primary educators in the faith for their children.
  • Enhance the prayer and worship life of our parishioners.
  • Foster a spirit of outreach and service to others.
  • Provide faith formation opportunities for all parishioners.
  • Provide training for our catechists.