Policies & Procedures

The effective management of our religious education program relies on knowledge of and cooperation with the following polices and procedures.


Students must register in order to attend classes. Registration will take place annually in March/April. Dates will be announced through the parish bulletin and home mailings. New parishioners, of course, may register at any time during the year by calling the Religious Education Office.


As in any educational process, effectiveness is strengthened by regular attendance. We anticipate the cooperation of parents and students to ensure that absences are minimal. Students are expected to attend all classes except for illness or family emergency. Parents are asked to call the Religious Education office if their child will be absent.

Class Cancellation:

If class needs to be cancelled for any reason, you will receive a phone call or e-mail.  Please note that school cancellation DOES NOT necessarily mean evening religious education activities will be cancelled.

Course Completion:

Each year’s systematic learning curriculum is based on knowledge acquired in previous years. In order for a student to have adequate knowledge of Catholic teachings, they must participate in and complete each year’s course of study. Students/parents will be notified if work still needs to be made up after each session has ended so that they will have sufficient time to complete the work.

For grades 7-10, any work not done due to absences must be completed in order for the student to receive credit for the course. Home lessons should be returned to Mrs. Sundstrom before or at the next class. If the year has already concluded, the home lesson should be given to Mrs. Sundstrom at the Religious Education office as soon as possible. If a full Home Study was necessary, it should be completed and returned by June 30.

For grades 1-6, if your child is absent during the summer Loreto program, he/she will be given a home lesson. These lessons should be completed and returned to Mrs. Sundstrom at the Religious Education office within two weeks of the end of the summer session. If a full Home Study was necessary, it should be completed and returned as soon as possible or by February of the following year.


Mutual respect within the classroom is necessary in order for successful learning to take place. Should a problem arise, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The catechist will address the issue in class. If the behavior does not change, the student will be sent to the office. The student will be allowed back into the classroom at the discretion of the coordinator and the catechist.
  • If the student is sent to the office a second time, the parent will be called and informed of the situation. The student will not be allowed back into class that day and will be responsible for completing any missed class work.
  •  A parent conference will be required following any subsequent inappropriate behavior.